This is a Problem

When we first envisenged this website we knew we needed something that would grab people. a logo something snappy, well defined ,, good looking amost sexy something that would seduce people into looking at the site so after many many many many hours bainstorming we finally came to the conclusion that whatever we produced on the website would have to be condensed into one single image, a snapshot everything we stand for. A picture or an icon that would speak a thousand no make that two thousand words just by glancing at it. we needed that certain look, we tavelled to various places took refuge in the cultural hotbeds of england compaed, debated, measured ideas with other like minded individuals. We experimented in narcotics, deprived ourselves of sleep drank eachothers urine, held hands with strangers, banged our heads against the brick wall of creativity. we travelled to the homes of freud of newton of darwin just to eak out every last drop of possibility that we may have missed everywhere else. We tried roll ups, we tried straights we listened to frank zappa to chopin to wu tang to gregorian chant, We sang our own futurist compositions and videoed eachother performing them. We sent the videos to our families and asked them to critique them. We stole from shops and then returned the goods claiming they were unwanted gifts to recieve a csh refund, we got credit notes which we gave to homless people . all to find this one graphic which would serve our purpose in the building of the website. Having completed all these tasks we went back to the metaphorical drawing board and meditated on our own goals and achivements to finally come up with the end product which is the parlour identity.


Das finde ich ja mal schön. Ich bin über Chris Henry Clarke auf diese sehr britische Seite gekommen, den ich ja überhaupt super finde.
Oder sowas. Das sind so Sachen, die bleiben in einer wunderschönen Schwebe. Meine Güte. Solche Zeichnungen. Enschuldigung, ich krieg mich gerade nicht wieder ein.
Mag sein, daß das sehr weit draußen ist. Mag sein.

Aber das ist etwas, das ich hier in Deutschland vermisse. So eine Präzision in den Mitteln, ohne daß das aus allen Poren "Ich hab auch echt lange drüber nachgedacht!!" schwitzt.

Alles ganz leicht.

Überhaupt nicht leicht.

Tja. Also. Sehr schön. Danke Sehr.

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