Wilder Wein - On painting

Ich werde wilden Wein malen.

Was für ein Name: Wilder Wein.

Allein wegen dem Namen.
Jetzt doch mal was auf englisch. Muss mal sein.

You start a painting.

You have an idea what to paint and how. Or not.

Still, you start a painting. It is a slow method to create a picture. Anything is faster, even drawing, let alone photograph. That has an important sideeffect. It means, that a painted picture (even if a photo is the model) is a result of a process in which you, your idea and your technical strategies change.

So a picture does´t show a moment like a photo or a sequence of time like a film, but a sequence of an evolving point of view (that is: adjustments to the sequence of technical, conceptual and emotional situations during the process of producing the painting).

Who needs that?

Well. Everyone who perceives life as a changing thing in a changing environment. And not as a plan to be executed or an unavoidable fate. Because pictures, seen this way can help maintaining this view on life, which ist always in danger of being overwelmed by the plan or the fate or both.

The presence is a gas-bubble, moving through a crystal.

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